Custom dry suit

Dry suit made specially for your team.


Equipment presentation and all level training seminars


Custom made suit

We specialise in custom dry suits. Although we offer few volume production suits, we recommend that you take the time and make a suit that will suite your needs and demands best!


Our expertise

You want a custom made dry suit. What happens next?

All you need to do is contact us and our representative will help you with all the rest. It is simple! After you explain what you want to do with the suit, we will help you choose the best suit for you!


What else do you need?

Usually Rescue Organisations, that decide to buy drsuits also choose other rescue equipment that is needed to provide Rescuer safety that is needed. Don't worry, we will help you choose the right set or advise you on how to combine new equipment with the one your Organisation already has.



You have new drysuit and haven't used one before? No problem! We offer different workshops on how to properly use your new equipment. We learned that every new protective equipment has to be properly introduced to achieve it's highest p0tential.

Our advantage

Our equipment is tested and recommended by professionals!

Competitive advantage

With the equipment you also buy service - Basic training included!



Do you have any questions for us?

Drop us a line today for a free quote!